Ethos and Values



St John’s is a church school with God at its centre. Our vision is to transform lives by

·        Creating a caring Christian community

·        Developing a lifelong love for learning

·        Serving one another and reaching out into the wider world

(St John’s School Mission Statement 2012)


The general aims of the School include the following:

·      To provide a learning environment which allows pupils to fully develop their skills, personal qualities and attitudes - and to know self-esteem. Attention is given not only to class teaching but also to the individual needs of pupils.

·      To encourage the children to have lively, enquiring minds and to develop the ability to question and argue rationally.

·      To help the children develop a good attitude to work and to show respect and tolerance for others and to encourage the children to appreciate the achievements and aspirations of others in order that they themselves may make a useful contribution to Society.

·      To help pupils acquire the understanding, knowledge and skills to enable them to face confidently the challenge of a complex industrial society.